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  • Registration constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

  • Registration is only accepted through methods provided by Singapore Dance Alliance (SDA).

  • Participants agree that all details provided in the registration form are correct. SDA reserve the right to reject applications that provide false information.


1. Registration and Fees


1.1 Registration is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.

1.2 Singapore Dance Alliance (SDA) reserve the right to deny any registration at its discretion. 


1.3 Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, and are only confirmed upon receipt of payment of fees.


1.4 Registration for each level of Workshop / Masterclass will close when the maximum capacity has been reached.

1.5 The number of participants for the each Workshop / Masterclass is limited. SDA reserves the right to cancel registrations that are in excess of the maximum capacity.


2. Eligibility


2.1 Participants must be within the age limit stated in the course information in order to participate in the Workshop / Masterclass. A photo identification is to be presented when reporting for the Workshop / Masterclass on the first day. SDA reserve the right to reject participants who do not meet the age requirement.



3. Insurance


3.1 Participants are advised to consider taking out insurance against withdrawal due to injury/illness or requiring medical treatment or hospitalisation; or due to personal or family reasons which might prevent them completing the Workshop / Masterclass. Participants with an existing injury or condition attend the Workshop / Masterclass at their own risk.



4. Waiver – Physical Contact


4.1 Physical contact may be necessary by member of the teaching faculty SDA Workshop / Masterclass, and studio assistants during the Workshop / Masterclass.



5. Health and Safety


5.1 Participants agree to indemnify SDA from any legal action and/or cost resulting from any physical injury, illness, damage and/or mental stress sustained during any activity related to the Workshop / Masterclass. 


5.2 It is participants’ own accord to ensure that he/she is physically fit to attend the Workshop / Masterclass. 


5.3 SDA reserve the right to temporarily remove any participant experiencing physical or emotional stress, discomfort or injury from the Workshop / Masterclass until they are deemed fit to resume participation. 



6. Course Content


6.1 SDA reserve the right to alter the advertised course and faculty without prior notice. Where possible, alterations will be published on the SDA websites and social media channels.


7. Punctuality


7.1 Participants are to report at stipulated time for each Workshop / Masterclass. 


7.2 Latecomers will only be allowed into the Workshop / Masterclass at suitable intervals. 

8. Attire 


8.1 Participants are to be appropriately attired for the Workshop / Masterclass. 


8.2 Dress code: 

  • Girls: Single-coloured sleeveless leotard, pink tights, pink soft shoes. (No pointe shoes required unless specified by each Workshop / Masterclass.)

  • Boys: Single-coloured fitted singlet, black or white footed tights, black or white soft shoes.


8.3 Participants who do not adhere to the dress code set out will not be allowed into the Workshop / Masterclass.


8.4 Number tags will be issued to each participant on day 1 of the Workshop / Masterclass. Participants are to keep and reuse the number tags for all days of the Workshop / Masterclass. Lost number tags will be replaced with a charge of S$10.00.



9. Personal Property


9.1 SDA cannot be held responsible for any personal property.



10. Studio


10.1 Participants should not use or move any of the equipment in the studio unless authorised to do so.


10.2 Only water bottles may be taken in to the studios.



11. Photography and Recordings


11.1 Photography, filming and sound recordings are strictly forbidden by all participants and parents / legal guardians of participants.


11.2 SDA reserve the right for, or third parties to carry out general photography, filming and sound recording at any time during the Workshop / Masterclass. This includes, but is not limited to, all levels of the Workshop / Masterclass and other activities at the event venue. 


11.3 SDA own the right to all photographs, videos and sound recordings taken throughout the course of the event. 


11.4 By registering for the Workshop / Masterclass, participants, or participants’ parents / legal guardians, give their permission for SDA and/or SDA’s authorized third parties to use such photographs, videos and sound recordings for promotional and commercial purposes without any payment.


12. COVID-19 


On the 11 March 2020, the COVID-19 virus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. Since then, the situation has continued to develop and at the time of your registration for the Workshop / Masterclass, whilst the situation has improved greatly there still remains uncertainty about possible travel restrictions being imposed with little or no notice due to concerns for public safety. 


In the case that the hosting country's Government place restrictions on travel, or should the Government place quarantine restrictions preventing attendance, the Workshop / Masterclass will be either: 

(a) Postponed in its entirety; or

(b) Modified to enable classes to be delivered through an online platform, in real time within the dates of the Workshop / Masterclass, from the studios of the instructors home country. This being subject to logistical feasibility at the date of the Workshop / Masterclass, and the different time zones enabling sufficient teaching time. SDA will provide the necessary IT equipment required to transmit the Workshop / Masterclass to deliver the classes.


Should the Workshop / Masterclass be cancelled due to the policy of either government, SDA will refund the fees (less any non-refundable charges). 



13. Refunds

There is no refund in any circumstances.

14. Others


14.1 SDA reserve the right to make amendments to the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


14.2 Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions will lead to disqualification from the Workshop / Masterclass, no refunds will be issued.


14.3 Registration constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


14.4 Contact:

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