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Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continued support for Singapore Dance Alliance (SDA) since its inception in 2019, by means of the “SDA Membership for Schools”. 

Along with all its privileges, such as priority registration and news, we will continue to strive to serve the dance community as a platform for dance to propagate and grow for everyone!


We would like to bring your attention to some regulatory matters. Below are some basic regulations as a SDA Member School.

  1. To enjoy membership rates, registrations must be group registrations by Member Schools. Individual registrations or registrations by teachers and students are not entitled to membership rates. 

  2. Only one group registration per Member School. (Each time a change is made, the Member School must submit an updated form for the entire school. )

  3. Membership rates are strictly confidential between SDA and Member Schools, and not to be disclosed to the public, students and parents. 

  4. SDA Member Schools are to apply the public published rates on their students / participants. 

  5. Further submissions of relevant documents ie, photo of ID, technical forms, music files, any other documents are to be submitted by Member Schools only. 

  6. Scholarship awardees can be registered together with other students / participants of the Member Schools but scholarship rates are not to be applied concurrently with membership rates.

  7. Rules and regulations, and terms and conditions from SDA events still apply for Member Schools on top of SDA membership rules and regulations. 

  8. SDA Member Schools are required to communicate and ensure their students / participants understand ALL rules and regulations and terms and conditions of EACH EVENT they are participating in.

  9. Any membership privileges obtained through this membership may be revoked or changed at any time with prior notice to Member Schools.

  10. Failure to comply with the SDA membership rules and regulations will lead to disqualification from membership benefits.

  11. Registration constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations.


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