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To educate and bring dance to the community and creating a gateway for all to understand, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the arts.

SDA 宗旨 



  1. To play a leading role for the arts in Singapore and seek to enlarge the role it can play in the lives of all Singaporeans;

  2. To increase the visibility of arts events in Singapore through publicity of multiple events to raise more awareness of the arts among the general public;

  3. To get the general community, including and comprising of non-dancers, involved in the arts through the role as an audience;

  4. To create an arts education platform to inspire those who have the enthusiasm, talent and dedication for dance, allowing them to learn about the development process of an artist;

  5. To provide the platform and opportunities for dance students to develop into well rounded individuals, to emphasise their holistic development, so each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community;

  6. To push the frontier of the dance industry in Singapore to allow it to reach new heights; 

  7. To promote and showcase Singapore as a country with strong arts and culture.

  1. 在新加坡艺术界发挥主导作用,扩大它在所有新加坡人生活中的影响力;

  2. 通过宣传加大新加坡艺术活动的知名度,以提高公众对艺术的认识;

  3. 让社区群众,包括非舞者在内的大众参与艺术活动,观看艺术表演;

  4. 打造艺术教育平台,为对舞蹈有热情、有才华的人在艺术成长道路上铺路;

  5. 为舞蹈学生提供发展的平台和机会,支持每个舞蹈热爱者寻找适合自己的道路,身份和意义,在参与的过程中全方位发展成长。

  6. 推动新加坡舞蹈业的前沿,使其达到新的高度;

  7. 在国际平台上展示新加坡是个艺术和文化强国。

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