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2023 SDA Year-End Contemporary Masterclass

Join us for the captivating SDA Year-end Masterclass featuring the fluidity of contemporary dance for dancers of all levels seeking to push their skills to the next level.

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Rambert School ( Age 10 & above )

Unleash your contemporary dance potential with Mr. Jason from Rambert! Immerse yourself in fluid movements, dynamic musicality, and groundbreaking choreography at our innovative workshop. Craft a unique dance item that showcases your skills and individuality. Plus, get an exclusive glimpse into the prestigious Rambert Grades International Contemporary Exam, experiencing the challenges and techniques of excellence. Join us and discover your true contemporary dance prowess. Let your artistry shine!


26 - 27 Nov 2023


SGD 190



Singapore Ballet 
201 Victoria Street, #07-02/03 Bugis+, Singapore 188067


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For SDA Member School registration, please email us at:

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