About Singapore Dance Alliance

Singapore Dance Alliance (SDA) is a non-profit organization formed by a team comprising of influential leaders of the dance industry in Singapore, who share the same passion, aspiration and dreams of contributing their years of experience in the field to the dance scene Internationally. SDA was founded with the aim to develop more awareness, appreciation and participation of dance, as well as to contribute to support the “eco-system” of the dance scene through various events and activities.


To educate and bring dance to the community and creating a gateway for all to understand, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the arts.


SDA organises events related to dance and dance education, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. International ballet competition - International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore - where winners can be awarded with scholarships to various renowned overseas vocational dance schools to further their dance studies.

  2. Youth Arts Festival - an inclusive dance competition aiming at benefiting a wider dance community, not just those who are aiming at dance as a professional career.

  3. Master classes and workshops that are taught by international renowned Masters, providing dance students the opportunities for exposure to international standards of dance education, and inspire them to reach new heights in their craft.

  4. Conference and talks on educating the public about the benefits of dance, where the public gets a chance to hear experts in the industry to explain about the career paths dance students can take (not just to become professional dancers), the benefits of dance training in character building, healthy training for dancers, connecting and raising awareness of the benefits of dance in the community (for non-dancers too). All proceeds from conference are used to support students from low income families for aids related to events organised by SDA.

  5. Auditions by vocational dance schools.

  6. Gala performances where the audience, dancers and non-dancers alike, can enjoy performances by both students and professional dancers from Singapore Dance Theatre or international guest artists.


  1. To play a leading role for the arts in Singapore and seek to enlarge the role it can play in the lives of all Singaporeans;

  2. To increase the visibility of arts events in Singapore through publicity for the competition so as to raise more awareness of the arts amongst the general public;

  3. To get the general community, including and comprising of non-dancers, involved in the arts through the role as an audience;

  4. To create an arts education platform to inspire those who have the enthusiasm, talent and dedication for dance, allowing them to learn about the development process of an artist;

  5. To provide the platform and opportunities for dance students to develop into well rounded individuals, to emphasise their holistic development, so each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community;

  6. To push the frontier of the dance industry in Singapore to allow it to reach new heights; and

  7. To promote and showcase Singapore as a country with strong arts and culture.


  1. We celebrate the distinctiveness of dance and the role it can play in enriching the lives of all Singaporeans.

  2. We embrace a broad range of dance and dance related activities to suit and engage as many Singaporeans as possible.

  3. We are committed to creating space where dancers can boldly pursue their passion and interest in dance and receive recognition for their dedication and efforts towards cultivating this art form.